Getting Away From Here to Get Perspective on Here

It is more than a few times of late that it’s come across my mind that we’re going traveling to get perspective on the way we live here and beyond seeking other ways of appreciating life, we also will stumble upon how much we miss and undervalue while we’re here.

That said, I know we don’t have to leave the country, the state or even our Borough to find other avenues of getting perspective. In fact, I often find that New York and the Tri-Boros are in and of themselves a unique local, perhaps unmatched by any other city in the word for having millions of nooks and crannies where one can get exactly that perspective without leaving home. However, we are still stateside and that construct of being in a free and democratic society overlays everything, permeates everything. I suspect changes everything.

Some days, like today, we take a different path to get somewhere we’re very familiar with and we see new things and our mind starts to have ideas it has never had before. That is what I hope our travels will do, but amplifying it even more in that we don’t have that comfortable return trip or place to land. Everything is new, and when everything is new. We just seem to pay more attention.

Why is that?


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