Remembering How to Take Care of Ourselves

Part of why we’ve decided to get out into the world has to do to our own bad habit of falling back into a pattern of lack of attention to detail of our own lives. I think we all do this to some extent. For me it has been an especially difficult and challenging few years. I’ve been working in one kitchen for four years, well, up until February 19th, when I served my last diner there at 9:29pm. No more Bouchon Bakery for me, but the challenges and the diversity of experiences were all well worth the torment of body and mind, I just wish I had learned how to do it all before without all that pain and misery. 

Our hope is that our place of business, our next step, we’ll think about this as far ahead as we can do it with less physical and mental struggle and more success, but more about that later. Let’s talk about fixing what we’ve let fall to the wayside. For myself, it has been physical health. While outwardly I’m fit more so than I’ve ever been in any time in my life,  and my Dr. ol’ what’s his name, since I see a different one every time I go there, said the same thing in my recent physical, I’ve been plagued with physical problems. Problems that as a cook, one learns to ignore and just work through. We do that, we kill ourselves in the kitchen for you people. It’s not just the burns, its the 17 plus hours on the feet. Four short years of that has taken quite a toll on my back and my skeletal structure. So, the last 3 weeks of work, as my health insurance was winding down, I decided I needed to do something about it. 

I woke up one morning about three weeks ago, and the pain in my neck, was so great I felt nauseous. It just so happened that Tracie was headed to see her Chiropractor, Paul Salinas, who is great in his own right,  on that day and I tried to get an appointment with him, but he didn’t take my insurance (Oxford), but his friend Brad Lipton did.

Thus began my relationship with Brad and his practice Active Spine and Joint Care. Two days after that first visit my neck was nearly fully on the road to mend. I went from pain of the Nth degree to slight soreness in three days, and Brad has shown me ways and continues to show me ways that I can simply improve my own posture and my own skeletal and muscular health. Such simple things can make our lives so much richer. 

So, trying not to be preachy, trying not to be over the top, I really recommend that we all learn from one another’s mistakes. All my cook friends out there, go to Bradley Lipton (he’s on facebook!) 212.686.4040 1 W. 34th St., Suite 1201, New York, NY 10001. His practice is called Active Spine and Joint Care and all you TKRG cooks out there it is covered under our plan. He is an extremely knowledgeable Dr. and not a cook and he won’t “fix” you overnight, but he’ll treat you and make you feel better and you’ll be amazed that you could solve some of those lingering issues with a few simple visits and motions. For those of you outside of New York, take care of yourselves and exercise as much as possible. The kitchen has been my gym for four years, but now it’ll have to be more than that. Brad is helping me with some exercises to stay at over the trip and I am already feeling stronger physically and more well balanced than in years.




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