The Here and Now, Chang Mai, Thailand

It’s easy to fall behind in writing about our travels, we’ve seen and done so much since we hit the road a month ago, but I think it time to stop a second and talk about where we are at this moment and where we’re headed next. We’ll get back to our “in-depth” posts, that lag behind our actual travels, as we like to live in the moment and reflect when we are resting.

We arrived in Chang Mai three days ago. It is a chill town, but also a tourist driven town to a large extant. We’ve roamed the streets at day and night, and spent a fair amount of time shopping and doing normal touristy stuff. It actually was a good chance to just sort of relax, despite the town itself being overrun with tourists from all over, sometimes I feel like we see more Anglo’s from abroad than Thai folks in a given stretch of walking, we still manage to find a few hideaway spots to eat and relax, and spent a few moments making and meeting up with friends.

We met up with a woman from Katmandu, Nepal, Tina, who was a friend of a friend, Bremelin (who we’ll visit down the road in South Korea). She was lovely and delightful and shared her experiences living and working for a couple of N.G.O.’s here in Chang Mai. We hope to see her again, somewhere in the future, but she’s busy trying to find a place to move on to, or a way to stay.

Chang Mai itself, is a town of Wats (temples).  It is overrun with wats in fact. Like in much of the states with STARBUCKS, here one readily could throw a rock and hit a Wat (or a monk). But neither would be nice. In fact, if we don’t see another Wat, that might be too soon.

Tomorrow we fly out for Hong Kong. Our original plans of starting our China leg of the Voyage, were to enter by land and water through Laos and the Mekong river, alas it being dry, and all of Southern China being caught in a serious drought, we thought it wise to head East and go up the coast there instead and perhaps later swing back to Yunnan and Sichuan, provinces we were so looking forward to visit.

So, for the next few days we’ll be in Hong Kong, again readily available online at intermittent points. Now it is time to head out for an early dinner and then on to a MUY THAI match (Thai Kickboxing).
See, tourist stuff.

Some of you have been whining about providing more photos of us, so here they are, from the span we’ve been traveling in Thailand. A few of the most choice.


2 thoughts on “The Here and Now, Chang Mai, Thailand

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny but I can tell who is writing immediately based on how you write. You really come through your posts! But anyway, I’m sure you’ll be happy at some points to be in more touristy spots than others. You ARE on vacation after all! And thanks for the pictures…you guys look like you’re having a lot of fun and Wayne, good job on rocking the facial hair. I’m excited for you guys to go to HK!

  2. Julie Lee says:

    It always nice to see photos; Tracie I can’t believe how much we look alike! My friend couldn’t believe how much we looked like each other. I guess people couldn’t mistake you for someone else daughter.It also entertaining to read your blog. I know sometimes it’s hard to take time out to write but we all enjoyed reading your blog.I guess when you come back all the food would be too blend for you!

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