You were always there waiting.

You could have just came out and told us …

You could have,
If you had it in you…
If you had it in you,

You would have told her you loved her.
If you had it in you…

You would have thanked her for her love.

When we left you feeling dejected.
She took you in and loved you, kept you feeling protected.

You loved her and took her in when she least expected.

You could have waited a bit longer.
Perhaps we’d have made you stronger?

Just a little longer…

We would have waited if we’d known.

We would have waited if we’d known.

If we had known you would slip away.
That the days would slip away.

We would have waited if we’d known.

Because we went away.

We would have waited if we’d known.

And we liked to think you were ours…

Sitting there waiting…
Watching the cars.

Acting like it’s your throne,
Our little home.

We used to think you acted like us.

You pouted and sighed at us.

You walked around and sat and stared at us.
Sometimes in mock imitation of us.

And while scratches that you’ve made in our skin will cover over and disappear.
The scratches that you rent in our hearts leave us here in tears.

You will always be there waiting.
We would have waited if we’d known.

You can’t take time back.
We can’t bring you back.

A life with distinction in character…
Our little man Dexter.


6 thoughts on “You were always there waiting.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are a crazy cat person. Just kidding. Like I said, your eulogy is touching. I’m sorry about Dexter though. 😦

  2. Julie Lee says:

    JOY, LAUGH, LOVEJoy, I get to keep the cat for five month!Joy, get to lug all the cat food and litter up the stairs for five monthsJoy, cleaning the litter for five monthsOh, more joy scratches on my leather sofa and cat hair all overLittle do I know you would bring joy to me Laugh, jumping over sofa with grace of an Olympian score 10Laugh, a prefect cat bow and a cat stretch thanks my yoga palLaugh, my 4am wake up call little paw tapping on my face, what sharp nail you have!Laugh, hey watch the show, stop tapping on my leg; kiss, kiss, oh, come back promise no more kisses.Laugh, a big lump under the cover, can’t see me but I know where you are silly cat.Oh, you can even make my mother laugh and she never even met youLittle do I know you would bring laughter in my heartLove, “You are one hot cat, move over it’s too hot to sit next to me!”Love, brush, brush, brush, oh my gosh, the biggest hair ball I ever seen!Love, tap, tap, tap, I know you love me now can I just get some sleep!Love, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, big bug dead, my hero!Love, what beautiful green eyes; I know you love me and I love you too!Oh, joy, you are leaving, no more cleaning litter, laugh at the good memories we
    share, love returning you to your homeLittle do I know that it would be an eternal goodbyeLittle do I know how you had stolen my heartLittle do I know how much I care about youLittle do I know how much I wouldn’t mind cleaning your litter only if I have
    another chanceThanks Dexter for all the Joy, Laugh, and Love you bought me

  3. Julie Lee says:

    Dexter had touch my heart greatly. We were good companion for each other. Thanks for giving him to me for five months. We really bonded during those five months.

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