A visual waltz through our trip

Organizing photos is more labor intensive and time consuming than I’d ever imagined. Despite the technological advances of digital media over good ol’ strip film (anyone remember that?) sorting through over 10,000 photos is still an onerous task.

But, que the drum roll please. Let us present the most important and we think best photos from our trip (at least of the ones we took on our digital SLR). We’ve organized them by the timeline of our trip.

The locations are as follows: Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Southern China, South Korea (Seoul), Japan, Beijing, China, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Ireland, Germany. Whew. That’s a mouth full. So, from 10,000+ I present you 469 of the most interesting. Each photo generally has a caption or tag explaining what and where it is. Enjoy. More reflections to come putting it all in context. Still so much to write.