Hot Like Mexico

Last week I went to Mexico for a couple of days with Natalie. Besides being totally fun, it helped me get into travel mode. I was evaluating every single item I had brought with me to decide whether or not it was useful – and I was definitely grateful for packing light! We really need to keep this in mind as we gather the things that we think we’re going to need. I don’t want to be carrying around items for months at a time that we’re never going to use.

Definite useful item that I didn’t bring: a headlamp. Adding that to the list.

Also, it’s been a while since I’ve been in a place where English isn’t the main language and I don’t really know how to speak. I was reminded how much it can change your relationship with people, how you can communicate, and how you are perceived. Granted, a lot of people spoke a little English and I can understand Spanish in an Italian kind of way, but I wasn’t going to make the assumption that everyone understood English. I think it makes a big difference when you at least make the effort to say phrases like “Thank you”, “Please”, “Nice to meet you”, “Hello” and “Goodbye” in the local language.

Perhaps I should start making a spreadsheet with these phrases and their translations…


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