One of the things I totally wanted to see when we decided to come to Chengdu was the baby pandas. So we signed up for a tour through our hostel, stuffed ourselves into a tiny van (with a crazy driver, of course) and got ourselves out to the Panda Reserve. We played hooky from our tour group and got some precious moments of solitude with the pandas before other hordes of tour groups descended upon us. 

The pandas were ridiculously cute. Especially the baby ones. They were like little balls of fur that tumbled across the grass and up trees, and they made the silliest expressions. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking for the pandas.

And for sure we were gawking at the Chinese tourists as much as we were at the pandas – we couldn't believe that they were feeding bread to the red pandas even though there were signs everywhere that said "NO FEEDING", and some middle aged Chinese dude who thought he was being pretty awesome climbed on top of a fence and consequently got yelled at by the staff. I swear he had the same "who, me? It wasn't me!!" look that our cat gives us when he knows he's done something wrong but is totally trying to play it off as if it had never happened.

(By the way, I do expect the traffic on our site to jump by 1000% because we're talking about "pandas" and "cute".)



4 thoughts on “Panda-monium

  1. Julie Lee says:

    Remember when we went to the DC zoo and read all those letters that children wrote to the panda bears. I am glad you are doing some touristy thing. Did you hold a baby panda and take a picture?

  2. Tracie Lee says:

    ha! no we didn't hold a baby panda. apparently you could but it costs hundreds of US dollars. And I would feel bad for the pandas to be honest. 

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