Landed in Singapore at 11:55pm, Straight to the Food

Jetlagged and hardly able to walk from the excruciatingly long flight. We landed in Singapore airport last night. Over a full day in the East Coast time had elapsed. On the morning of our flight, we dropped a bunch of stuff in the mail our Netflix, taxes, etc. To give you an idea of how long it took us to get here. The Netflix was received and checked in.

But, Anna and Chris, our lovely hosts here in Singapore ( Anna is Tracie’s Dad’s sister and Chris is her husband ), drove us right to Newton Circus, one of the hawker stand, this one “for ex-pats”, so while quiet, it was still really tasty. We had a malaysian style stingray cooked in a banana leaf, an oyster omelet and laksa. I got a Sour Sup fruit drink that was sour and sweet and particularly refreshing after over 24hrs of airplane food.

This morning, we got up and headed out for another delicious meal. We started our day with a Malaysian style noodle dish Mee Siam and sandwich. The Sandwich was called a Roti John and it was a soft baguette filled with an omelette with a chicken meat and cover in chilis and with cucumbers on the side. It was super tasty with the chilis. We also each had a Koppi O, or Singaporian coffee. Think triple espresso sweetened with a little condensed milk. Strong coffee, with deep tobacco flavors, with an almost toffee like finish.

Our afternoon was meandering and relaxed. Singapore, as we supected, is the perfect transition from the west to the east. Being a former British Colony has made it a very multi-ethnic city and english is spoken everywhere, while at the same time all signs are in one of many asian languages. At every corner, we heard a different dialect. Singapore is super clean and organized, we hear the very opposite of the majority of the rest of the asian cities we’ll visit soon. And food is everywhere, the variety and shear density of restaurants is exhilarating and daunting all at once. Singapore feels young and vibrant, in flavors, culture and especially in food. I wish my belly could hold so much more than it did today.

We were especially surprised and delighted by much of the new architecture. We couldn’t help but think that this is what New York should feel like. If only our cities were as creative and open to building as this city feels. We briefly explored the Singapore National Library building, which in itself was a triumph of technology and ingenuity. It had hundreds of different public gathering places, and was enormously engaging in its design. I took a few photos of the exterior and some shots inside and within a few of the public spaces shown below.

For lunch we stopped off at a little Vietnamese spot called Va Va Voom. Tracie ordered a dish that was grilled beef over morning glory shoots, with a scattering of fried shallots. My dish was Lemongrass beef with chilis over rice. It needed more chilis. I forget, they see a Gwei Lo, and figure I don’t want it very spicy. For a drink, because there are thousands of varieties of juices and drink combinations, I got a Plum Lime Soda, which was a really syrupy sweet lime simple syrup served over ice, with a sugar cured and dried plum dropped into it. Think one of those “chinese sour  plums” lots of American kids buy off ice cream trucks, or at least I did. If the lemon grass beef dish had come with more chilis it would have been perfect.

By the late afternoon, the humidity and the heat that I remember so well from my Texas home, had worn us down. Now, resting, sampling three different varieties of Thai mangoes, we are waiting to go see the new Alice in Wonderland, yea, on opening night, and here movies are by assigned seat. Wake up AMERICA. Organize. Get creative, your feel embarrassingly behind from here. 😉



13 thoughts on “Landed in Singapore at 11:55pm, Straight to the Food

  1. Anonymous says:

    YEY!!!! So glad to see this post, and to learn that you’re already eating and complaining about the weather. This is the Tracie and Wayne that I know!What could you possibly do for a flight that long? Star Trek marathon? Hours of on-board trivia with the other passengers? Cards??????

  2. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see you guys made it! That flight wasn’t too bad, at least you had less stops! I may be more used to it already having to do that round trip once a year, but trust me, it’s better than any of the US airline alternatives such as AA or Delta!I love Singapore… it’s a modern first-world city with great food in a very, very clean environment. It can get to you sometimes and I can’t stand it after maybe a week or two.Natalie: Cathay Pacific has loads of on-board movies, more than you can watch even if you wanted to. Plus all the recorded TV shows. You can even play in-flight video games with other passengers while eating your complimentary cup of noodles!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Straight to food… So predictable Chef!!! Welcome to Asia. It is quite the unexpected. The modern architecture, English widly spoken and friend people. Take it all in, have zero expections and enjoy the ride. We want to read about EVERYTHING.. the sad, the funny and the nasty! We want EVERYTHING!Keep us posted!

  4. Tracie Lee says:

    <html><body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><div>Eh it’s not so much the airline as the flight itself – it’s just difficult for me to sit for that long, my back was totally killing me. I don’t know how my grandma does it almost every year. I did get to catch up on a couple of episodes of Top Gear though!</div><div><br></div><div>The amount of construction is insane – take the Williamsburg waterfront, multiply it by 100, add in round the clock workers and buildings 4x as tall and you might get an idea of what it’s like. &nbsp;The skyline is a forest of cranes. My uncle was saying that it’s actually cheaper to tear buildings down and build newer taller ones than to refurbish, so everything has this new shiny edge to it. Oh and every development has the word "luxury" slapped onto it.&nbsp;<br><div><br></div></div><div><br></div></body></html>

  5. Julie Lee says:

    I do not want assigned seat; I like being able to choose my own and sit wherever I want to sit. That’s one thing I loved about going to the movie in America when I first arrived to US. Do you know it cost more to sit up front then the back? (That’s how it work when I was growing up in Hong Kong)I know Asian people eat all the times; they love food. Enjoy all the variety of food!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Tracie: That almost does sound like Williamsburg, where all the developers tout their developments as "luxury" :)But seriously… if you think Singapore is a construction zone, wait til you get to Shanghai. Most of Pudong that you will be seeing did not even exist 15 years ago. Think of building the entire lower or midtown Manhattan in 15 years.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sure sounds like a book (travelogue or culinary perspective) to me. You have the first chapter already, with little or no editing. Sounds great, just enjoy every minute. Frances

  8. Anonymous says:

    One word for you: SINGLISH. "What do you want to do, la?" Terrible. Sorry that you had a long flight, but it sounds like you guys are having a nice transition from home to traveling. And Wayne, you will be "the" Gwei Lo for awhile. Some things don’t change (people still think it’s amazing I can speak German here).

  9. Anonymous says:

    Glad to know that you guys got there safe and that you are already enjoying the culture. It looks hot there!!!

  10. I think suburban sprawl is the single largest reason for the poor state of infrastructure in American cities. Automobile addiction has absorbed a lot of the wealth created by the US economy to build unsustainable highways and parking lots. That, and the hoarding of wealth by the top few percent for their private opulence, while everyone shares the public squalor.

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